theBalm Round-up

theBalm is perhaps best known for their highlighter Mary-Lou Manizer. The brand's sassy vintage-inspired packaging stands out, plus I appreciate their stance as a cruelty-free brand. Wearable colours are the brand's bread and butter.

Let's get the swatches out the way! 

The shimmer powders are absolute stand-outs from the brand. I have Mary-Lou Manizer and Betty-Lou Manizer

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer was one of my first highlighters and it still stands out amongst all of them. I first talked about it on the blog back in 2013, and it's still a true favourite that I could mention every month. In the pan this doesn't like much but once swatched and applied it is ultra smooth and gives a beautiful glow. I like to use a small fluffy brush for a soft, diffuse gleam to the skin. Lately I have been cheating on it (!) with my Becca highlighters – mostly Champagne Pop – and you can see here how swatches compare to the Mary-Lou Manizer.

New to my makeup drawer is theBalm's Betty-Lou Manizer. It's described as a "bronzer/shadow", but could also be worn as a highlighter on medium to deep skin tones. It's a very warm brown that's almost coppery, and I wish I had this all summer!

CabanaBoy blush is dusty plum with subtle shimmer that gives the prettiest natural flush once it's blended in. Again it's so important to have a light hand with theBalm powders! Back in the early days of our blog, I actually did an entire post dedicated to this blush. You won't find talc in the shadows or blushes. 

In Canada, the brand is tucked away in Rexall stores. Not everything is available, and what is there is never well stocked. You have to spend a lot ($150 USD) to get free shipping, so there aren't any perks to ordering online. I think theBalm would really benefit from being sold in Sephora, and it reminds me of fun brands like Benefit and Too Faced.

I'm really curious to try the Cindy-Lou Manizer and the new Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks. Hopefully I can track those down!

Have you tried anything from theBalm?