So You Want A New Lipstick?

The GOSH Velvet Touch lipsticks are so good.

These are definitely underrated – I haven't heard anyone talk about them – so it was time someone shine a spotlight on them! They remind me of MAC lipsticks – creamy, soft and pigmented with a light vanilla scent. However these are more value for money (4g and less expensive) than MAC lipsticks (3g).

Both are so smooth and blendable that it isn't obvious that I'm even wearing lipstick. They don't bleed out of the lines and also don't feel too thick, even under lip gloss.

The colour range is reasonably good, although a few of the shades have a frosted finish which I don't like at all.

I have the shades 161 Sweetheart and 162 Nude

These swatch so beautifully. 161 Sweetheard is a plum brown and I think this would be a really good option for anyone interested in dipping their toe in the 90's trend. 162 Nude has a touch of peach which keeps it far from the cool-toned "concealer lips" look. 

The nude lipstick was a favourite back in February, and after misplacing my first tube I rushed out to repurchase. Recently I picked up Sweetheart and definitely want to try more from this line. I haven't always had good experiences with GOSH though (more on that here), so let me know if you like any of their other lip products.

What's your favourite lipstick at the moment?