Our Summer So Far...

Here's a quick look at what we've done so far this summer so far!


Katherine: We went to Niagara-On-The-Lake and did a great biking wine tour. It had been quite a while since I have been on a bike, probably at least 2 years. Erin was a total pro. We went with our great friend Taylor and all had a blast. After a quick ride around the park I got my biking wits about me and we were off. We toured a total of 4 wineries that afternoon.

Erin: Aside from enjoying the lovely company and good wine, I loved learning more about the Niagara region and viticulture. Lake effects, rich soil and differences in terrain allow for a large and diverse wine region. Ontario produces some of the world's best ice wine and it was fascinating to learn about the arduous production process (but I won't be back to help pick frozen grapes in the middle of winter!).

Katherine: A new music festival came to Toronto this year called BESTIVAL. It's a cousin of the very popular event in the UK. It was hosted on Toronto Island so we had to take a ferry to the venue. The music was amazing and the stages and atmosphere were great. One point that could definitely be improved was the ferry service. We had to wait ages to get to and from the venue. 

Erin: Katherine and I spent a full day at the festival enjoying the music, sunshine, and people-watching. My favourite sets were Caribou, Banks and Matoma (click to listen on Soundcloud). In the photo below I'm wearing the Sephora cream lip stain in Mandarin Muse, which lasted the entire time – highly recommend checking those out!

Erin: Last month I was finally able to cross skydiving off my "bucket list"! I did a tandem jump with my instructor Jonny at Skydive Toronto. Jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet up in the air ladies and gents! Truthfully I wasn't scared, just very excited and eager to go. The wind was so forceful and really does pull your cheeks back! Watching the ground rush up was thrilling, but the scariest part was having my feet dangle out of the plane right before we jumped. Although heights make me uncomfortable, I strive to conquer my fears and am so proud of following through on this goal.

Erin: After spending the day at Bestival I knew that I wanted to be prepared as possible for the weekend-long Wayhome Music Festival. Click here to see what I brought beauty-wise, including essentials like dry shampoo and fun non-essentials like bright lipstick and glitter.

The music was amazing and some of my favourites were Hozier, Sam Smith, Vance Joy, Kendrick Lamar and St. Vincent. The festival was well-organized which lent itself to the laid-back vibe.

What have you been up to this summer?