Health & Fitness Update

It's been far too long since I've done a healthy living post (not since June, actually). It's time to revisit my fitness goals – just because bikini season is nearly over doesn't mean everything goes out the window! Here's a short list of my current favourites that are mixing up my workout routine and giving me some inspiration.

READ – The magazines SHAPE and Women's Health are full of healthy living tips and I love bringing them along on short trips for a quick read. The celebrity workout routines give me ideas of how to mix it up during my own time at the gym, plus the interviews are always body positive and empowering.

LISTEN – I don't know about you but I can't workout or go for a run without some music. After my Apple headphones bit the dust I was looking for a cheaper option and came across these happy plugs stockholm in-ear rose gold headphones on sale (also sold on ASOS). I think the brand has the right idea with their slogan of "jewelry and sound combined". The sound quality is good and the ear buds don't come out during a workout, plus the soft silicon tips are more comfortable than my old Apple ones. Although I love the rose gold, these headphones also come in other colours, including gold, silver, even leopard! A one year warranty and different sizes of the silicon ear tips are included.

BUY – I've been throwing a few must-have beauty products into my gym bag that are worth trying out. I was really surprised with how effective the Nuxe Body Long-Lasting Deodorant is, plus the sweet scent is fresh and light. The Bioderma Atoderm Gentle Shower Gel has been exceedingly gentle on my dry skin. The soap-free formula comes to a soft lather and has a very faint clean scent, and the travel-size bottle is the perfect size. Finally, the eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balms may not be the most moisturizing lip balm I have, but the eye-catching and colourful design reminds me to apply some before closing the locker.

What's keeping you motivated?