Blog Anniversay | Our Makeup Evolutions

Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty is two years old today! Wow! It feels like it was only a little while ago that Katherine and I were wandering the aisles of Target and decided to just go ahead and do this.

Two years on and we want to share something personal about ourselves and talk about our makeup evolutions. We've come a long way from coveting our mom's lipstick and sneaking eyeliner to school (just us?), and wanted to show you!  




Nail polish was the first beauty thing that I fell in love with. Back in high school I became so familiar with OPI colours that I could name any of them off just by seeing them on the nails (it was a shared obsession with a friend). While I don't stay as up-to-date with OPI anymore, I still love having beautiful nails and am always eager to try the hot new colour. I wasn't even that interested in makeup! 

Like Katherine, university was when I first began to enjoy "getting ready". It helped that I had such a fun roommate! When Katherine went away on exchange to Scotland in third year, I really missed doing my makeup and hair side by side with someone. Youtube beauty videos filled that gap and I became almost obsessed with learning everything there is to know – makeup techniques, artists, brands, skincare, all of it. 

After getting the basics down I started experimenting with lots of bright, bold and wild makeup. Halloween is the perfect opportunity and last year I did an entire butterfly mural on my face (check it out above). The summer of 2013 I lived in Spain and had lots of fun with makeup – wore blue mascara, discovered brands like Sleek and KIKO, became obsessed with Mad Men and bought an orange lipstick to emulate January Jones' character. 

I was itching to work with others and see what I could do! I did Katherine's makeup for her 22nd birthday, friends' makeup for graduation ceremonies and photos, going-out dramatic looks, and more. Most recently, in the fall of 2014 I did some freelance work as the makeup artist for an entire wedding party – it was so fun to coordinate looks! I really love doing makeup on other people – I see each face as a beautiful, blank canvas.


I wasn't allowed in my house to wear makeup until I went to high school and then it was still only minimal makeup like mascara and cover-up. 

I really started having fun with makeup when I went to university. One year for Christmas I received a large Sephora palette with eyeshadows of every colour, lipsticks and blush. Playing around with that palette is what really gave me the confidence to try experimenting with my makeup. I didn't have to invest too much money, either, so I really just had fun trying out looks I had seen online. I had some really terrible looks and most memorably I tried to fill in Erin's eyebrows once and ended up drawing on to crazy caterpillars. I seriously wish we had taken a picture we could share. 

Nevertheless I kept at it and started to watch Youtube videos that would show you step by step what to do and my confidence grew and I became a lot better. I would definitely say my signature look would be red lips and winged liner. Mostly recently I have been loving matte eyeshadows whereas even a year ago I really liked shimmer on the lid. For me makeup is a great way to express your personality and a second means of showcasing what makes you who you are.

Tell us about your makeup evolution!