3 to Try | Matte Cream Shadows

I can't put these down. Even after recently purchasing the amazing all-matte Kat Von D eyeshadow palette I've still been reaching for these cream eyeshadows first. 

Apply these with fingers to keep it simple, or you could also use a flat synthetic shader brush (like the MAC 247). Soften the edges with a clean finger or fluffy synthetic brush. Despite being matte I don't find any of these difficult to blend, unlike matte powder shadows, which take a bit of time to get just right.

The MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots take the cake in this category. They are very soft but not greasy on the eyelid. These are the perfect base for eyeshadows as well because they give the powder something to adhere to (= more long-lasting) and cover up imperfections like tiny veins.

Of the 3 I have been reaching for MAC's Groundwork most often. Even when I'm wearing next to no makeup I use this to create subtle depth around the eye. It has a similar effect to dusting your bronzer over the lids but is much more natural (read: less orange). Has anyone tried using Groundwork as a cheek contour? It isn't too flat nor overly warm so I may have to experiment with that...

Painterly was my first paint pot from MAC and I still adore it. Against my skin tone this comes across quite pink, so in the future I'd like to try the more yellow Soft Ochre paint pot. It's a fantastic eyeshadow primer – a smoky eye staple – and since it's so neutral I can bring it up really high on the lid.

The Maybelline Color Tattoo cream gel eyeshadows are one of my tried and true makeup staples that I always confidently recommend to friends. Nearly every one of the colours has been in my makeup drawer at some point (I passed the pink and champagne shades on to a friend because I wasn't wearing them very often). Tough as Taupe is the only matte one in the permanent collection but boy, is it worth checking out. It's a cool colour that's more grey than anything else, and super matte. It does blend less smoothly than the MAC options and hasn't dried out even after having this for quite some time. I love using this as a base for a smoky eye because you can balance it out with warmer brown shadows or use some really shimmery greys and a deep black shadow to create depth.

Apparently I had a lot to say on this subject but I'm absolutely convinced that any makeup routine could benefit from including one (or all 3) of these!

Do you use any matte cream shadows?