Review | Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

I'll cut to the chase and say it right away... I do like the Magic Cream. With reservations, because it's hard for me to recommend something so prohibitively expensive! It just suits my skin's needs really well. Beauty products that provide hydration and radiance to my dry skin always stand a good chance of becoming a favourite – like the Pixi beauty primerL'Oréal Lumi foundation, and RMS luminizer. The Magic Cream is designed to do just that, and my high hopes were satisfied.

Charlotte Tilbury developed this moisturizer to rescue and plump the skin of her clientele (models, celebrities, Kate Moss  you know, the usual) before an event. This cream is best reserved for big events, in my opinion, rather than using it everyday. However I tested the magic cream everyday for just over a week, both with and without makeup, to see how my skin reacted to using this exclusively.

This is a very thick cream, but it smooths easily over the skin. It doesn't pill or cake like other silicone-based products can do when I apply foundation over it. I figured that such a heavy cream would leave the skin greasy (which would explain the claims of luminosity), but instead it's quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft and dry. The skin does look glow-y but simply because it is well moisturized and plump, certainly not on the same "strobing" level as something like MAC Strobe Cream. Despite the fact that I am normally sensitive to scents I find the light floral scent quite pleasant.

Beneficial ingredients include sodium hyaluronate, rosehip oil, vitamin E, peptides and essential oils. The steep price tag can be partially attributed due to the patented peptide complex which stimulates collagen production and fights free radicals. The SPF and skincare benefits do help me rationalize the price!

This was a difficult post to write because honestly, I know this won't work for everyone. If you have acne-prone skin there are moisturizers available better suited to your skin type. Try a sample before buying to observe how your skin responds. For a second and third opinion, read the reviews by Caroline Hirons and Essiebutton. If you missed it, read all about our experience at the Charlotte Tilbury launch party by clicking here

Have you tried the Magic Cream?