L'Oréal Collection Exclusive Lipsticks

I was a big fan of the L'Oréal Collection Exclusive when they came out with a line of nude lipsticks, so naturally I had to try out the Red collection as well. I absolutely love Julianne Moore's nude, since I am a redhead as well I find that there is just the perfect amount of pink in the colour to not wash me out. I have recently been loving pairing this with my YSL Gloss Volupté in 202 Rose Jersey – to see a fun review of it click here.

In terms of the formula for both the red and nude shades it is very creamy and moisturizing but doesn't slide around on the lips. I can easily apply the nude without a mirror and currently have it in my purse – that's how much I love it. This is actually my second tube of Julianne's nude because sadly I lost the first one, but it was so lovely I had to repurchase it. 

Of all the reds in the collections I was most drawn to Blake Lively's red. It isn't too dark and has a hint of orange in the formula which makes it more of a summery red. I would say this lipstick is almost matte. It does have a bit of sheen, but if you blot it becomes totally matte. Another trick I learned was that if you apply a bit of translucent powder (something like the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder) lightly over your lips, you can transform a more glossy lipstick to a beautiful velvety finish. The great things about the Collection Exclusive lipsticks is that there is something to suit everyone beautifully in this range, no matter your skin tone.

What lipsticks are you loving for the summer?