Stand Out Links | Impossible Goals?!

I wanted to share again what I have been loving in regards to fitness and healthy eating. Beauty and health go hand in hand since it's all about taking care of your body from the inside out. If you missed last month's post, read it here.

BUY  –  We all know not to reward ourselves with food. So why not instead enjoy a luxury shower after your workout? I'm using Le Labo Rose 31 minis that I scooped up from a recent hotel stay. The wonderfully sophisticated rose scent seem to turn even public showers into a spa. Or why not bring a facial oil into your gym's sauna and harness the steam for a DIY facial? Check out Sephora's travel section for loads of luxe minis. It's not the best value for money, of course, but that's not what it's about. Treat yo' self.

EAT  –  I prefer to eat more light and raw foods during the warmer months, and Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook It's All Good is full of options. The vegan banana ice cream and Thai Style chicken burgers (see below) are so tasty. I'll definitely be trying out more recipes!

READ  –  One of the countless benefits of clean eating is good skin (and we are crazy about skincare around here!). The blog post 'Diet and Your Skin - The Good' lists naturally occurring foods that help your skin.

SWEAT  –  Ever since being on my high school's dance team, I've had the seemingly unattainable goal of being able to do the splits. Despite my best efforts, I was never able to and gave up on it... Until recently, when I tentatively tried at the end of a cool-down. I was shocked to discover that I was only inches away from the floor. Yoga pays off! My interest renewed, I have been following along with this Blogilates '9 Steps to doing the Splits' video.

WEAR  –  I stand behind the Nike Pro Classic sports bra. I find them really comfortable without any pressure points, and supportive enough for running.

Do you have any "impossible" goals, fitness or otherwise?