Review x 2 | YSL Gloss Volupté in Rose Jersey

I have become a bit obsessed with this lipgloss lately. For me that is saying a lot since I'm much more into lipsticks and lipstains over glosses. That is until I tried the YSL Gloss Volupté in 202 Rose Jersey.

This all started at lunch one day when I was with my good friend Taylor. After lunch she reapplied her lipgloss and it looked fabulous. She lent it to me and it was great. Rose Jersey is a lovely pinky nude that leaves a great natural looking wash of colour over your lips. The formula is what really sold me on this product. It's not sticky at all and the applicator is quite unique but puts the perfect amount of product on the lips.

We were in Yorkville in Toronto so I took Taylor to the closest Sephora, compared colours and picked up Rose Jersey right away. I have been pairing this gloss with a mauve nude lipstick underneath, something like the Julianne's Nude from L'Oréal works perfectly. This is a lovely combo for the summer — it is so fuss free — so it's great if you are planning a picnic in the park for the weekend.

Seeing Katherine and Taylor swipe this on practically in sync was enough to convince me to try this too. My YSL Rouge Volupté lipstick is one of my favourite high end makeup products, period, so I was already interested in trying more from the brand. I already knew I like the fruity YSL smell and I generally like lipglosses  — my favourites are by Buxom and Clarins.

I did hum and haw over what shade to choose. Nude Carat stood out to me but was loaded with golden shimmer  — pretty, but shimmer can make the gloss feel less smooth on the lips. I decided to jump off the same bridge and chose Rose Jersey. Upon closer inspection Rose Jersey does have near-microscopic shimmer but it's undetectable on the lips.

The packaging is ultra glamourous, just as you would expect with YSL. I like the mix of gold and silver, plus you can easily see the shades (if I ever amass a collection of these that will come in handy, ha!). I can't stress enough how comfortable/not sticky this gloss is on the lips. The rosy pink colour is lovely, and could work on just about everyone.

Are you a fan of lipgloss?