Review | Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser

Several of you asked for a full review on the Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser when it popped up on the blog after a recent skincare spree. After testing it for a few weeks I feel like I have a good handle on my feelings towards it.

While this is marketed for oily or problematic skin, I knew from Caroline Hirons' review that this actually isn't the case. While I agree with Hirons that this cleanser would be fantastic for oily/troubled skin types, this is still perfect for anyone who faces common issues likes dullness, clogged pores, etc. Only the extremely sensitive may dislike it due to the essential oils.

Why will this suit most skin types? Anyone can benefit from a soap-free cleanser that draws out impurities without leaving skin squeaky clean. Watch this video to learn why that squeaky clean feeling translates to real damage for your skin. I also am impressed with the strategic combination of clays, fruit enzymes and sugars that, in my mind, really harnesses some of the best natural ingredients.

The Purifying Cleanser does not lather but rather melts into your skin, making it great for facial massage. Apply onto damp skin, not a soaking wet face, because you don't want the product to emulsify right away. 

You really can only use this as a second cleanser. I would never use a pricey cleanser to remove makeup, and besides, the Purifying Cleanser can't be used near the eyes. The packaging states "avoid contact with eyes", which is reiterated in the Tata Harper guide to double cleansing (don't make the same mistake; it burns). 

The cleanser has an amazing, refreshing fragrance — I can really smell the neroli, but it is essentially a citrus scent. If you are sensitive to scent definitely try this out before.

It is expensive but you only need one pump to cleanse, and I'm sure that this bottle will last me for awhile. If this in your budget I highly recommend it!

Have you tried anything by Tata Harper?