Stand Out Links | Healthy is Beautiful

This is a new type of post for our blog – I'm talking fitness! While Katherine and I have previously written a variety of other lifestyle posts, I also wanted to share what I have been loving in regards to fitness and healthy eating. It's all about feeling your best - healthy is beautiful!

EAT  –  I made homemade hummus for the first time ever this month and whoa I've been missing out. It's easy, cheap, and tastes so much better than store bought. The recipe I use is from What to Cook & How to Cook It by Jane Hornby (available on Amazon), but for a similar recipe online try this one by Deliciously Ella. Add a dash of paprika or cayenne pepper for the perfect finishing touch.

FOLLOW  –  The London-based foodie and personal trainer Zanna Van Dijk posts snippets of her life on Snapchat (@zanzapan) and Instagram (@zannavandijk). You can expect to see heathy meals, workout clips, and more. She has an incredibly positive attitude and I love that she always aims to be honest, not aspirational.

LISTEN  –  After listening to Serial I dived into the world of podcasts and now I'm hooked on The Jillian Michaels Show. From what I've seen of The Biggest Loser, I understand that Jillian is a provocative figure. And yet she's nothing like that on the podcast – intense and snarky, sure, but also funny, well-informed and empathetic. Start with episode 208: Fat is not the enemy and green beauty. 

READ  –  Take a look at Caroline Hirons' cheat sheet for workout skincare routines. She goes in-depth and covers lots of different variables (weather, time of day, type of exercise). When in doubt, remove your makeup and apply a light moisturizer before, and afterwards do a full cleanse. (Click here for my top skincare tips.)

SWEAT  –  Check out Ellie Goulding's Tighten and Tone workout on the Nike+ Training Club app  (it's free!). The 15 minute workout doesn't need equipment and incorporates all of her favourite training moves (expect scissor kicks, burpees, and more). Combine it with this Plank Challenge workout for a killer core blast.

WEAR  –  I am obsessed with these Joe Fresh Digital Print Yoga Leggings. My face may be sweaty and red after a Bikram yoga class but at least I look stylish, haha! I'm happy with the price ($29) and the fit (no bunching or see-through disaster zones).

Do you have any fitness goals? What's been motivating you?