Our Hair Stories with Madison Reed

Madison Reed is a hair care company that specializes in healthier, salon-quality hair dye. Their hair dye selection page has so many beautiful, natural-looking shades - we're fans of Vesuvius Red and Tuscany Brown, for obvious reasons! We were invited to share our stories about our hair colour and what it reflects about our personalities.

My hair colour has always been something that defines me. With bright red hair you are bound to be remembered, so it's best not to do anything too embarrassing! I have never coloured it and have been jokingly told that I would be hurt if I did because it's "lovely".

I usually get asked if I was teased as a kid for having red hair - "Were you ever called carrot top?" To be honest I was never teased; if anything, I liked having red hair because sometimes Japanese tourists  gave me chocolates because I looked like Anne of Green Gables.

My hair colour is something that I have really learned to love. I have an energetic personality and my hair might reflect that. I think that your hair colour, fashion, and makeup are great forms of self-expression and showcase what makes you unique.


Hair has never been an afterthought for me. In high school I would wake up early to meticulously curl my hair, and I still enjoy taking the time to style my hair. I've dabbled in semipermanent hair dyes to darken up my locks, but I always come back to my natural colour - a soft, medium brown.

In the summer golden blonde tones will come up in my hair, which I love. I also have a few red strands, like my grandfather had when he was young. People may think that brown hair is boring, or mousey, but I disagree - I find that it frames my face really well and lets me pull off bolder makeup.

I'd love to experiment with my hair colour in the future. I felt so bold when I had fringe bangs cut in a few months ago! Who knows, maybe I'll try the mermaid hair trend...

What does your hair colour say about you?

This post was written in collaboration with Madison Reed