How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is something I don't do often enough, but is actually really important. I tend to use my makeup brushes almost everyday and dirt, oils, makeup and even bacteria gets trapped between the bristles. These can all lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

By cleaning your brushes on a regular basis you are helping to also keep your skin clean. The good thing is cleaning your brushes is really easy. I like to use Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap because it's super gentle on my brushes. By cleaning your brushes regularly you are also helping them to last longer.

I put a couple of drops (depending on the size of the brush) into the palm of my hand and massage it with a bit of water till I get a nice lather. I keep massaging the soap through the bristles and rinsing it under warm water until the soap is all white and then repeat the rinse until there is no more soap on the brush.

I then lay out my brushes to dry on a face cloth with the end hanging over the edge to not flatten the shape of the brush. There are a lot of stands you can buy to hang your brushes upside down for the drying process but over the lip of the counter is working great for me right now.

How do you clean your brushes?