Erin's March Favourites

March was the month that I focused on recovering my skin. I've been dealing with hormonal acne around my chin for a few months now and these 5 products have worked absolute wonders! I'm finally getting my skin back to baseline. Using these products consistently in my simple routine has been key - in addition to taking a hands-off approach (no picking!) and following the 6 skincare habits I talked about before.

I've been rotating the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo[+] Global Action Acne Treatment and Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 5 Acne Medication. I've been using Effaclar Duo as an anti-inflammatory spot treatment in the mornings (read my full review here). The real game changer is the Clean & Clear treatment - a dot of the Clean & Clear onto spots after cleansing noticeably brings down swelling and redness. The stuff is seriously drying, though, so use the smallest amount only where you need it. I leave it on overnight under a moisturizer.

Hello, Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey mask! It's rather expensive so I won't rhapsodize for too long...this mask manages to both treat blemishes and moisturize dry areas. The vanilla pod and mandarin scent is divine. Made with 100% natural ingredients. Over and out.

After picking up two RMS Beauty products earlier this year (read my review here), I've fallen in love with both the highlighter and the "un" cover-up in shade 11. While it would probably be best for my skin to be makeup-free everyday, the RMS "un" cover-up is perfect for giving light coverage to the area. The organic ingredient list and lightweight texture make it my favourite option for my trouble areas, although it's great everywhere on the face.

As we all know, some days you just need ~all the coverage~, and the Lancôme Effacernes concealer goes that extra mile. I pat the tiniest dot of this stuff onto a blemish. Make sure you use a concealer in the right shade (I use shade 210 Light Buff) - anything too light or dark will only call attention to it!

What are your favourite products for dealing with acne?