Erin's Contouring Powders

When I decide to contour, I commit. However I rarely contour because I don't usually wear the sort of makeup that I find contouring looks best with - dramatic eyes or lips. I like to think that this photos of Katherine from our Instagram shows my contouring skills in action.

One thing I love about makeup is how versatile it is - some eyeshadows are just blushes, bronzers, or highlighters waiting to happen. Take a second look at some of your powders, like I have with the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Cement 29. This is an awesome cool-toned crease shade or brow powder for blondes or first contour shade.

By first contour shade I mean the shade that I use to create the deepest part of the shadow. For this I prefer something very grey and cool-toned - like Bobbi's Cement powder or the NYX blush in Taupe (which shattered, so I don't have a photo of because I need to repress it).

Then to soften and warm up the shadow, I go in with either the NARS Contour Blush Duo in Paloma or the MAC Harmony blush. You could also use a bronzer - I normally don't because too much bronzer makes your cheeks look muddy or dirty. Not the look.

The tools are just as important as the shades that you use. I am in love with my new Kevyn Aucoin Contour brush - it's dense so it blends perfectly and it's just the right size to fit right under the cheekbones. Did I stress how perfect this brush is? Another favourite is the very soft MAC 138 tapered face brush. The shape of this brush means you can hold it lightly to add powder with just the end of the brush or splay the brush more to blend.

For more budget-friendly brushes I also like the Real Techniques contour and blush brush.

Also to see all of this in action I highly recommend you watch Wayne Goss's video, The Basics: Contouring and Highlighting with Powder Only. One of my favourite tips in his video is to also apply the contour shade lightly on the temple. 

Of course I also use highlighters to stand out against all that contouring, so check the blog soon for my favourite highlighting product picks! You can probably guess one of them if you follow us on Instagram (@erinandkatherine).

Do you contour? If so what do you use?