Stand Out Links | Canadian Blogs to Know

Just a few of my favourite Canadian blogs that you should be reading! 

The Vancouver-based style blog To Vogue or Bust by Alexandra Grant has quickly become one of my favourites for outfit inspo. Alexandra aptly describes her mission to create a blog "that inspires and empowers readers to extend style to all areas of life". Alexandra accomplishes this with great writing and photography paired with a positive outlook. While her blog centres on fashion (wearable, feminine looks with plenty of layering), Alexandra also talks about beauty, travel, fitness and healthy eating. 

Beautezine was started as a personal blog by Canadian founder Jessica Desjardins, who grew the site into an online beauty magazine. Easy to navigate, aesthetically appealing – all while delivering daily posts such as product reviews, industry news, and tutorials. A recent post I liked is 'Why You Should Consider Bringing Back Mousse'. Beautezine is the perfect place to catch up on the latest or learn something new if you don't want to wade through your Bloglovin' feed! 

While the blog Elegant Dirtbag is relatively new (started in January), the Toronto-based author Hannah Johnson is no stranger to blogging – she's a contributor to XOJANE, XOVAIN and Canada's Flare magazine. I hope to see more frequent posts in the future, but in the meantime I've been loving the wide variety of content such as her winter skincare routine and playlists. 

Last but certainly not least, The Coveteur. Founded by Stephanie Mark, Erin Kleinberg (pictured), and  Jake Rosenberg, the site is based in Toronto but has international reach. Check out the Closet category for an intimate look at modern tastemakers' homes and closets, with past interviewees including Bobbi Brown, Michelle Phan, Patrick J. Adams, and many more.

Honourable mentions for two of my favourite Canadian bloggers – Melissa Soldera, based in Montreal, and Essie (Estée) Button, based in London. I've previously counted them among 5 Youtubers I Always Watch.

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Photos sourced from the sites mentioned.