Flower Beauty Don't Be a Wallflower

There is so much to discover in the Flower Beauty makeup brand founded by Drew Barrymore. I picked up a few things (expect more reviews soon!), including this cool mushroom-y shade called Don't Be A Wallflower NP19

I was drawn to Don't Be A Wallflower because it's a really sophisticated colour which isn't always the case with drugstore polishes - trendy shades can be slow to trickle down from luxury brands. This Flower polish reminds me of Chanel's Particulière, for example.

One important thing to note is the formula - it's very thick but not unmanageable because it dries quickly. Two coats gave a very opaque finish, and one coat would have been enough! 

The brand is sold at Walmart - the polishes are affordable and 3-FREE (free of DBP, toluene and camphor). 

Have you tried anything by Flower Beauty?