5 Tried and True Makeup Staples

I've noticed a trend in the beauty world - yes, beauty Youtubers and bloggers share exciting new product releases, but the same products keep coming up over and over again. These are my tried-and-true products that I've thoroughly tested and recommended to friends, and now to you!

I had quite the time experimenting with my brows when I first learned it was something that had to be "done" - like when Katherine just a very dark brown kohl to line my brows, which ended with me looking very far from any resemblance to Lily Collins. Even after that I failed by using powder shadows that were too warm with a very soft angled brush - creating a diffuse brow that didn't match my hair. With all that said, the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil revolutionized how I do my brows. It's difficult to overdo it (which I was always guilt of before) because a few light, short strokes of this pencil is all it takes.

It's perhaps the least exciting on the list, but the Ardell Duo Lash glue is a staple. Please, do away with the dinky little bottles of glue that come with most false lashes, and buy this. You'll never have to worry about your lashes falling off before you want them to come off. I use the clear glue.

MAC lipsticks have won me over because there are just so many colours. If you have virtually any shade of lipstick in mind then chances are MAC sells it. There are certainly dupes out there, but MAC lipsticks are my go-to when buying eye-catching lipsticks like Rebel, Diva, and Lady Danger.

I've already convinced Katherine that the Shu Uemura Eyelash curlers, but let me explain why they keep coming up in our favourites month after month. It effortlessly curls all your lashes so much better than any other brand we've tried. The curl holds, and it never pinches or kinks your lashes. Just buy it already

"I never wear eyeshadow but I want to try it." "I want something fun to wear for the party." "It has to be easy to use." "What's the best eyeshadow colour for me?" When tasked these questions from my friends, I never hesitate to recommend the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream gel shadows! These are truly stand-alone products because all you need is a clean finger to apply and then smudge out. I've found they are a great gift because they're affordable, and your friend will want to go back for more colours.

What are your "tried and true" beauty favourites?