Review | Avène Eau Thermale

Recently I have really gotten into trying a bunch of hydrating spray toners. I like the idea of adding just a little bit of extra moisture into my night time skincare routine. This Avène Eau Thermale spray was a great gift from the lovely Erin and I have been reaching for it often. 

This is great to not only to apply as a part of your skincare routine, but also to use as a finishing touch at the end of my makeup routine. If you put too much powder on or just want a more dewy look this product relieves the "cake face" look.  This will be amazing in the summer months as well to refresh my face in the hot weather. I will definitely be purchasing a travel size for summer music festivals. 

What I like best about this product is how fine the mist is. I find that with a lot of spray toners too much product is applied to the face. This miracle can has such a fine and gentle spray that you can easily control the amount that comes out. For someone that has sensitive skin I think this is ideal for adding moisture to the skin. 

I really like this product and I'm happy I got the chance to try it. I will be stocking up for the summer months for sure. 

Do you use a mineral water spray?