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Lately I've been curious to learn more about fragrances. It was a challenge to find the two perfumes that I currently use and love (YSL Manifesto and Lancôme La Vie est Belle), but it's made me want to try out even more. 

When The Cut recently posted their guide to finding your signature scent I knew I had to share. I love their definition of a signature scent - "The short answer for how to find your elusive, signature fragrance is merely: Find one that you like." My tip is to get a sample and wear it several times before you purchase - it takes time to know if the scent gives you a headache, if you'll just get bored of it, or if the lasting power is terrible...

Maybe you already have a perfume that you love and wear everyday. Learn the best ways to apply fragrance on Perfume Shrine. Blogger Elena Vosnaki gives tips on how to appropriately wear perfume for different situations, such as work or a date (or, in her words, a "romantic rendez-vouz"). Vosnaki also writes reviews on the blog, and her articles on perfume theory and history are worth delving into.

A great reference I've relied on are lists of perfume terms. I like the glossaries by Into the Gloss and Now Smell This. One of my new favourite words is "sillage", which describes the scented trail left by or diffusing around a fragrance wearer. Lovely.

Finally, check out Basenotes for a plethora of reviews. I used the site to look up my two perfumes and learned that both have notes of jasmine, tonka bean and vanilla. Figuring out which notes you like can help narrow down your choices. Trust your own nose - don't be discouraged by reviews hating on your go-to.

What's your signature scent? Or rather, what do you like?