Review | Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes

I didn't know who Sali Hughes was until I stumbled across her videos made a couple of years ago for The Guardian. She is the resident beauty columnist for The Guardian Weekend, a beauty brand consultant, and founder of her website Sali Hughes Beauty. All in all, she's an incredible beauty enthusiast and industry expert.

Sali writes in a chatty and humorous way. She isn't afraid to express her opinions - like pink eyeshadow makes women look like "lab mice", that toner is pleasant but unnecessary, and so on. Yet Sali isn't polarizing or patronizing, so the book reads like a good friend who's skilled at beauty giving you honest advice, even "tough love".

The introduction is about why Sali loves beauty, and she disparages the notion that women who love makeup are vapid or vain. I love that makeup is self-expression and self-care all rolled into one. 

The book is split into chapters and Sali goes into great detail on beauty topics such as brows, makeup looks appropriate for work, bridal looks, how to feel comfortable shopping at beauty counters, and so much more. Some of my favourite sections are when Sali details her on-the-go makeup routine on the train, why she loves red lipstick, and explaining why it is important to use and enjoy "the good stuff" now.

Some of the wise advice in Pretty Honest: The Staight-Talking Beauty Companion by Sali Hughes is featured here on The Guardian's website. There is so much you can learn from Sali that is readily available online for free that you should check out the links to her blog, columnvideos (old and new). If you want to learn even more from her, go ahead and buy her book it's chockful of smart and sassy advice for all ages.

Do you read beauty books? Any favourites?