High-end to Drugstore Cleansers

I go back and forth with my cleansers quite a bit. After finishing up an entire bottle sometimes I like to switch things up a little. Here are three cleansers I've been testing out for a while now, two drugstore and one luxury. I'm here to try to answer the question: Is high-end really better then drugstore?

The Life Brand Gentle Face Cleanser is a drugstore cleanser that I have been using on and off for years. I like it because it doesn't break the bank - it's really affordable and ranges from around $7-12. This is a great cleanser that takes off makeup (even waterproof) with ease. I have combination skin and sometimes get the occasional spot and this doesn't irritate my breakout at all. It is one cleanser that I always go back to. I always have this or Cetaphil on hand. I read an article awhile back that both the Life Brand Cleanser and Cetaphil are actually make in the same factory so I figured they can't be that different. The Life brand cleanser is a milk-based cleanser that doesn't foam up or dry out the skin, it just lifts away makeup. In my opinion the Life Brand cleanser and Cetephil are both great cleansers that get the job done. 

The second drugstore cleanser I have been giving a go is the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser. This is very affordable and retails for around $8.99. This cleanser was designed for sensitive skin and is hypo-allergenic. When purchasing a cleanser I look for something that is going be be very gentle on the skin and this one definitely is. The cleanser does a good job of getting all of your make up off but does irritate my eyes a bit. I tend to use this everywhere on my face but avoid the eye area and take my eye makeup of with Bioderma instead. For that reason I don't tend to gravitate to this one as much. I won't be running out to buy this one again once I've finished the bottle. 

The high-end cleanser I have been using for the past couple of months is Lancôme Crème Mousse-Confort Foam Cleanser. it retails for around $32 Canadian. What I like most about this cleanser is the lovely way it foams up into a very soft and voluminous foam. It has a great rose scent, too! This cleanser definitely feel luxurious when you use it because of the consistency. The cleanser contains rosehip oil and Rose de France, a scent that I absolutely love. This product takes off makeup well but isn't the best at taking off eye makeup. It doesn't strip my skin of moisture at all and leaves my skin amazingly soft. I keep this by my bath tub and use it around twice a week. 

So to conclude, if I was on a desert island and could only have one cleanser would I go the high-end or drugstore? For now I would take the Life Brand/Cetaphil cleanser with me in my suitcase.

What cleanser are you currently using?