Z-Palette | My Tips

My Z palette still has plenty of space left for me to fill up. I'm enjoying being able to quickly see and access these individual eyeshadows. You can read all about my MAC eyeshadows in this post and my 2 favourite Joe Fresh shadows here. I also included 2 NYX eyeshadows and quite a few from 2 Sleek eyeshadow palettes that I had. This Sephora Z-palette is available on sephora.com for $35 (CAD).

I didn't document the process because there are so many informative Youtube videos that detail how to safely and effectively depot shadows. Check out Makeup Geek's video on how to depot MAC eyeshadows using a hair straightener, and this video on how to depot Sleek eyeshadows.

My tips:

1. Don't worry if any of your shadows break! As you can see this happened to me. Collect your shadow back into the pan and crumble it with a small utensil (tweezers, etc). Then dissolve it in rubbing/isopropyl alcohol, mix and smooth over. Allow it to dry overnight and press down as needed.

2. If you are depotting Sleek eyeshadows, use a good knife to wedge between the plastic case. You need a good amount of force to remove the black plastic plate. Be careful since it may snap in places.

3. For Sleek eyeshadows, I cut the square magnets in half with strong scissors. This slightly curved the edges of the magnets so I used a clear adhesive to attach the small magnets to the Sleek shadows. Let this dry overnight before placing in your palette.

4. Keep your MAC name stickers! It's one small extra step that is worth it in the long run. 

Do you use a Z palette? Let me know if you have any questions!