Review x 2 | Lush Butterball Bath Bomb


Since trying the rose bath bomb that Erin picked up for the two of us (review here), I have been really excited to try more Lush products. Last weekend I grabbed two Butterball Bath Bombs, a product I had heard lots of great things about.

Like Erin mentioned, I also wanted a bath bomb that would not require a full cleaning of the tub. This smells amazing like vanilla and is super moisturizing. It contains pieces of creamy cocoa butter that begging to melt in the hot water. This product left my skin super soft and no moisturizer needed afterwards.

I really enjoyed this product and would purchase it again but there are some cons. Firstly, the cocoa butter did leave a film on my tub so I needed to clean it afterwards and the cocoa pieces didn't fully melt away so I had to clean those off the side of my bath. Secondly, it is not something that can be cut up or split to use multiple times like the rose bath bomb. Other than those two things I think it was great - it would be lovely to use after a winter hike.


As you can see in these photos, this bath bomb really fizzes! The shape of this bath bomb makes it more difficult to crumble it apart, but it dissolves very quickly. I took mine out when it had shrunk to half its original size, and it left a lovely vanilla scent. The bomb itself has a strong scent (leaving my bathroom cupboard smelling amazing), but isn't overpowering once diluted in the bath.

I love that this bath bomb is designed for dry skin which a lot of people have during these colder months. Check out the bath bomb on the LUSH site here; the "chunks of creamy cocoa butter" really hydrated my skin. My bath was hot enough that these chunks did dissolve. No bubbles are produced so that likely contributes to the non-drying formula. I almost considered skipping body lotion after! 

All in all, I loved this bath bomb and would absolutely purchase again. I predict that this "fizzer" bomb won't last as long as the other bomb did though. 

What have you tried from LUSH?