Review x 2 | LUSH Bath Bomb

Baths are the ultimate at-home pamper sessions. Katherine and I both tried bath bombs by LUSH when I picked one up for each of us. 

I normally feel overwhelmed in the LUSH store - it's busy in every sense of the word, with both the number of shoppers and the number of scents. However, on this trip, I beelined to the bath bomb display. A very friendly LUSH rep offered some of her suggestions and I narrowed it down to any of the non-coloured bath bombs without glitter (to avoid post-bath cleaning).

This beautiful rose-scented bath bomb is what I settled on. It dissolved quickly and produced a fair amount of bubbles. Being all-natural, LUSH is limited in what foaming agents they can use, so most of their products don't lather up as much as you might be used to. It's a reasonable trade off for me.

Another tip would be cut up the product. I split mine in half to be able to get two baths out of it. Next time I think I would split in thirds and that would be a good ration for the effectiveness of the products and making it a little bit more budget friendly. Just remember to store the other pieces in a paper bag or a place were it won't get wet. Plastic will actually cause the product to disintegrate. NO Ziplock bags!

The clean, feminine scent was also really nice. I felt like the bath bomb softened my skin. Overall, the bath bomb was great and made us both want to try more LUSH!

What have you tried from LUSH? Any favourites?