Mac Diva Lipstick Drugstore Dupe

I'm always searching for the cheaper versions of a product that I love aka lots of drugstore dupes. In the winter time I love rocking a burgundy lip as I find it complements my pale skin really well. I love MAC Diva lipstick and I think I've found a pretty close match in Rimmel Kate Moss 107.

 In the swatch you can see Diva on the left and 107 on the right. When applying the lipstick one coat of each is a very close match. If you keep layering after 3 coats Diva is more pigmented then the Rimmel 107 and does tend to last longer on the lips. The buildable coverage of Diva is what sets it apart as high-end. If you are looking for a great burgundy matte lip both these products deliver. I would definitely recommend wearing a lipliner with both of these products.

If you are a fan of a dark lips for the winter I would recommend both of these lipsticks the MAC on is $19 where as the Rimmel one is around $7 and often goes on sale. 

Have you found any good dupes lately?

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