Deskside Essentials

During the winter months my skin and lips can be troublesome. Having my go-to Aveeno lotion (which I've spoken about before here) literally by my side is important because it is gentle enough to use it on my body, hands or face. 

A true favourite is Gal Vaselina Neutra Perfumada lip balm. When I lived in Spain, my friends would pull this charmingly simple lip balm out. Intrigued, I hunted down the lip balm and have been hooked ever since. Apparently, Charlotte Tilbury is a fan. It's hydrating and sweet-smelling emollient formula works perfectly under or dabbed over lipsticks. I don't believe this is available to North Americans, unfortunately.

The "back-up" lip balms pictured are the Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balm and Fresh's Sugar lip treatment in Rosé. While many people love these, I personally dislike them. I could do without their scents (artificial vanilla and lemon); besides, I don't feel that my lips are properly nourished after wearing them. But a girl has got to have options!

The only thing missing is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir - currently residing in my purse - which I love using to keep my skin refreshed as the day drags goes on. 

What are your deskside must-haves? 
Check back soon for a "what's in my purse" post!
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