Katherine's Perfume Collection

Here is a quick look at my perfume collection, these are the winter and summer scents all together.

Starting from the left:

Joe Malone in the scent Rose - this is exactly as it sounds nothing other then pure rose. I love this perfume for layering. I find it very strong on its own so only use a little. Paired with the Lulu Guinness perfume its amazing!

Next are my two Lulu Guinness perfumes. Both have a very light flower scent. I find that they are perfect for the summer time. They aren't very heavy and work well both for the day and evening. 

 Dior has stolen my hart twice with Diorella and Dior Me Not. These are two more evening and wintery scents. They always make me feel very mature when I wear them. 

Burberry Brit is probably the only fragrance that I have exclusively for the winter months. It has a very spicy scent that just warms you up on a cold winter day. 

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is beloved by many people and I certainly fall into that category. This is the roller ball version that adds a little bit of sparkle when you apply it. This scent is so fresh and my favourite for everyday. 

In the very front is Ralph Lauren Hot, I loved this perfume when I was in high school. Now I find the scent a bit too sweet but I simply can't part with it because of all the memories attached to it.

What's your favourite perfume?
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