MADARA | Latvian Skincare

My sister received the Madara Deep Moisture Cream and the Purifying Foam Cleanser as a present from one of her Latvian friends. It's a brand I have never heard of but was excited to try, mostly because they smell great and the packaging is super sleek. The brand is an all organic and all natural cosmetics. I have been using these product for a couple of weeks now and was really happy with their performance. 

The cleanser is very gentle and doesn't irritate my eyes or skin at all. The product also easily removes makeup which is something I look for in my night time cleanser. There is a very spa-like scent for both of these products. I like it and find it soothing but if you don't like herbal scents then this wouldn't be for you. 

The moisturizer is very potent - a little goes a long way and sinks into the skin nicely. I use the moisturizer at night because it is so intensive containing soothing ingredients like Sea-Buckthorn extracts. Hopefully this will give me that Northern healthy-looking skin.

The cleanser is vegan, nut-free and gluten free and retails for 17€. The moisturizer is also vegan and nut-free and retails for 27.50€ and can be purchased here.

Have you tried anything from Madara?
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