Revlon Matte Smoked Peach 013 Lipstick

So to go this the springtime vides I though I would do a post on a more colourful lipstick. This is one of Revlon's matte lipsticks that I love. It was also a gift from the lovely Erin!! As a redhead oranges and even peaches can be quite difficult to wear. However with this lipstick one layer over the lips look very nice and gives your face a spring-y freshness. 

I really like the formula of this lipstick and would recommend any in the range. The ones that I have tried all tend to last nicely on the lips. They are also from the drugstore making them affordable options which my wallet really appreciates. The top of the lid is also clear so you can find the colour easily in your collection. 

What's your favourite lipstick of the moment?

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