Passing On Makeup

I passed on all of these items to Katherine with the hope (not expectation!) that she likes some of the makeup products that weren't suiting me.

Two small and neutral eyeshadow palettes (NYC and L'Oréal) with lacklustre pigmentation weren't getting enough use, especially since I bought the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. 

I disliked the following pencils for one reason or another - Hard Candy concealer pencil (wrong shade), Joe Fresh black eyeliner pencil (not smooth) and a random grey pencil (unsure of the brand). Also, I tried out a small size of Soap & Glory's Hand Food cream and quickly discovered I dislike the scent.

Now here comes a whole slew of lip products in shades that are unflattering for me - peachy or pinky light - or with formulas that I disliked.  

Here's a rundown - Revlon Matte lipstick in Smoked Peach, L'Oréal lipstick in 800 Fairest Nude, Rimmel lipstick in Nude Delight.

And more - Revlon Colorstay liquid lipstick in Prized Peach, Revlon matte balm in Elusive, Yes to Carrots lip tint in Cotton Candy, and Maybelline Colour Whisper in Coral Ambition.

Hopefully Katherine didn't mind sorting through this batch! (Just as a disclaimer, I sterilized everything before passing it on to her.)

Do you know what won't suit you or does it take trying it out for awhile?
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