MAC Tan Pigment Dupe

In her latest video (link), Kassie from her Youtube channel ShadesofKassie (link) said that the L'Oréal Infallible eye shadow in Amber Rush is a dupe for MAC's loose pigment in Tan.

Surprised to hear that, I decided to compare the two myself and lo and behold - they are nearly identical! They are both very smooth to apply and can be worn wet or dry, and look great alone or on top of other shades. 

Although it doesn't come across on camera, I did notice that Amber Rush was just a bit warmer in tone than MAC but honestly once on the lid I wouldn't be able to tell the two apart.

You might be surprised to learn that I actually prefer L'Oréal's offering. I love that it is pressed and more affordable. The MAC pigment is just that extra bit more work to be careful in opening and using it without making a mess. All in all, I love this rose gold shade that both shadows deliver!

To see a makeup look that I created using L'Oréal's Amber Rush, click here.

 Which would you choose?
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  1. ohh I love the color and both mac and loreal look very nice! I honestly can't tell the difference so I would choose loreal!

  2. Ooh I've heard such good things about those L'Oreal shadows, this shade looks stunning!

    Jennie xo |

  3. Hi, could you please tell me if you bought the L'Oréal shadow in the UK? It's not on the Boots website. Thanks :)

    1. No sorry I bought it in Canada it hasn't come to the UK yet. I would look on they usually have it. Hope that helps :)