Do or DIY | Nail Swatchsicles

I wasn't able to find the original blog post that I read about "nail swatchsicles", as they are called. Take a look at this post for a very detailed explanation.

Essentially "nail swatchsicles" are fake nails on a popsicle stick attached using a hot glue gun, labelled and then painted with every colour in your collection.

This was a fun DIY project for my friend and I to do - we both have large nail polish collections (the first photo shows all of mine!). I've found it is a lot easier to choose a colour by looking at the swatched nails then digging through my collection - since they are presently stored in one big drawer.

My tips for this DIY project? Be careful when drying the swatchsicles to lay them flat and without touching each other (see the photo below). I didn't use a top coat since I wanted to see the polish's true finish. Also, I did as many coats like if I would on my nails (ie. 1 coat for very opaque and pigmented polishes and 3 coats for some glitters).

How do you store and display your nail polish?
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