YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Nude Beige

I have been just itching to get my hands on these YSL lipsticks - the packaging, the silky feel, the amazing range of shades. It was a narrow choice between these and the new Urban Decay lipsticks, but ultimately I went with what has been on my list for awhile.

I chose this shade in 1 Nude Beige because I wanted to be able to wear this lipstick everyday - for just a touch of glamour ;) I have noticed, however, that this lipstick is not long-wearing - although for me it isn't a complete deal breaker because I love how it feels and looks on the lips. There are lots of other long-wearing lip products that serve that purpose!

This lipstick can be bought at Sephora (see online here) or at YSL counters. The price is the only thing that deterred me and that is keeping me from all the others. 

If you feel like drooling, watch Chloe Morello's Youtube video (see here) with her entire collection. While you are at it: check out our first Youtube video - a Get Ready with Us - here!

Have you tried any of the YSL lip products?
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