Skin Care | Bioré and Clean & Clear

Deep cleaning type products are in no way part of my everyday skincare routine (let us know if you would like us to post those routines!). Even though I have dry skin and pimples are a rare occurrence for me, I can get the occasional around-the-nose troubling black spots... you know.

 I've found that the Bioré pore strips remove those very well, and following up with the Clean&Clear deep cleaning astringent is the perfect treatment. I highly recommend the Bioré salicylic acid astingent/toner (which I don't have on hand at the moment) as well as the Bioré warming scrub.

That's what works for me, and hopefully can help you regardless of your skin type! Katherine I know is curious to try the Origins Charcoal mask to remove impurities from the skin... as am I.

How do you treat your trouble spots?
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