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Post-birthday me had a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card burning a hole through my pocket - so it was inevitable that this post would happen.

I spotted a new set of Maybelline Vivid lipsticks (I saw 3) in the centre aisle - of course I hustled over to check out these new Fall 2013 shades! There's a great post on a few of these shades here at Nouveau Cheap.

I already adore the vivid shades that I do own - Shocking Coral and Vivid Rose. There was a more true purple lipstick (Lavender Voltage), but I settled on the dark, vampy shade called 1005 Midnight Plum. I love that the cap of this lipstick is not the standard orange like the first vivids - but instead like the shade inside.

For whatever reason I thought that this colour would be similar to MAC's Rebel - which I own and love. However it isn't at all - it is comparable to something like MAC's Cyber or Milani's Black Cherry. I'm really happy with the colour, and am already planning to wear it on Halloween...

Finally, Canadian drugstores are stocking some Soap & Glory products beside creams, cleansers and scrubs (which I first learned from Kaittdee's latest haul video, watch it here). I was unsure which shade to choose (as there were no testers!) but decided on the Vanilla one. I'm so happy that I did since its a very soft nude with slight shimmer but SO MUCH shine!

Also, the antiseptic is for my latest ear piercing (Katherine got one too!). Let us know if you want to see a post on the new piercings. The essence blush in 50 Sweetheart was one of 2 from a new collection. Finally, I decided to try out a mini size of the Hand Food cream from Soap & Glory - these autumn days are not going to wear me (or my hands) down!

What's the last thing you've "hauled"?
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