What Rhymes with Orange?

Knock knock! Who's there? Orange! Orange who? Orange you going to skip this joke?

Ya, I hope you did! Sorry - that just popped into my head.

Orange is a really great colour that, when used right, can liven up your skin or give a modern look. I love a bright orange lip and minimal eye makeup - see this look at right (from Makeup For Life).

Orange makeup scared me at first. I just didn't get how you can wear a colour that doesn't naturally appear on your face - unlike red, pink, or even yellow.

Watching the TV show Mad Men changed my mind. How fierce does January Jones look in Season 1?

Here is my list of top orange products in my collection. Let me know what your favourite orange products are!

First off, I dug through my drawer to choose my 2 brightest and best orange polishes. OPI Hot & Spicy is a darker orange that applies very opaque and creamy.

I heard about China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy being worn by a few Youtubers (eleventhgorgeous, for one). This is a true neon, meaning that it dries matte and looks best over white polish.

KIKO Make Up Milano matte lipstick in #604 is a perfect matte orange that I bought when I first started watching Mad Men and wanted an opaque, matte lip. The packaging for this lipstick is really sleek and secretive - you have to push up the impressed end of the lipstick to press the lipstick out. That was hard to explain! Haha but it is really nifty.

Next, Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm in Coral Crush #70. I have alot of these lip balms (would you like to hear my thoughts on them all?). This isn't one of my favourites, just because of the scent (rather fake orange), but it does give a very sheer orange tint to the lips.

Katherine previously talked about her love for the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains (read her thoughts here!), and I have to agree. Estée from essiebutton on Youtube actually inspired me to purchase this particular shade - Rendezvous #040. (You can read her "Crazy for Coral" post by clicking here.) I really do like this shade and I like that it gives a more red than pink tone to the lips, as coral products can go either way.

I thought I would throw in a new fashion favourite of mine, which is a first for our blog. These orange Gap flats are perfect for summer and make anyone look tan. I picked these up at the end of the summer - meaning they were on sale - hurray! But alas, I didn't get much wear out of them; guess I have to wait until next summer!
Hopefully this post wasn't too long for you - thanks for reading!

What colour should we post about next?
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