OPI Stranger Tides | Made Matte

This tweet from NailIt! magazine popped up a few days ago - saying wearing matte Essie Saint Tropez is all the rage. It had me thinking about the (honestly) very weird colour which is Essie Sand Tropez. 

Estée (of essiebutton) talked about Revlon's Bare Bones which looks pretty similar and is a similar, very cool nude with undertones of grey.

I don't actually own either of those colours, and to hold off from purchasing yet another nail polish (do.not.need.), I hunted through my polish drawer.

OPI Stranger Tides and Joe Fresh Beauty matte top coat did the trick for me (well, as close as I could get!). Stranger Tides, from the 2011 Pirates of the Carribean collection, is definitely another unique colour. It pulls a lot more green than the Essie or Revlon polishes.  
I adore this matte top coat. It helps the polish dry faster, and gives the perfect matte finish. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find and I'm actually not certain if it is discontinued - a friend I recommended it to hasn't been able to get her hands on it. 

Overall, this created a really different look and I was happy with how it came out - although it hasn't curbed my interest in Sand Tropez or Bare Bones...

Do you wear matte nails? What do you think of this colour?
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