KIKO Makeup Milano Nail Laquer #331

Hey guys! You might not recognize this nail polish company, but it is seriously one that you should keep your eyes peeled for. KIKO is sold in Europe, so if anyone is planning an end of summer trip I would recommend going to the store and taking a look. 

These polishes often go on sale for 2 euros. They definitely won't break the bank. 

For the actual formulation of the polish, I find all KIKO polishes (I have quite a few) apply very smoothly. I applied two coats (why not?), and then sealed it with the Sally Hansen clear top coat.

 I think this shade of purple is just perfect for end of summer moving into fall. The purple has a slightly dark undertone that will allow for an easy transition between the two seasons. The lasting power of the polish also impressed me alot. I did a serious amount a gardening on the second day of wearing it and I only had to touch up the tips of a couple nails for small chips. 

Have you tried any KIKO products? What did you think?
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